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Pretty Face of India

Even among Indians and foreigners, the face of India is not that beautiful as we all may think. There are more gripes than appreciations. Atleast that is the perception when you read our mainstream newspapers, where politics, naturally though, tops the news. Everything else, exciting ones and sad, is deep hidden beneath the surface. Good news India, a once one-man website, concieved and still successfully managed by Mr.D.V.Sridharan, is entirely dedicated to trumpetting the good, positive and indeed truthful things happening all over India.

GoodNewsIndia.com Taking an affectionate look at India !

Likely you wont hear a lot about these news elsewhere in media; its not as gossipy and chewy as politics or sports or movies, but they are news worthy by all means. Things that I promise we relish that we knew. Things that will bring hope for scores of Indians like living abroad wondering when I would take my last flight to home. Rediff profiled Mr.Sridharan in May 2003 that mentions he travelled 30,000 km just within India. Just to search for only worthy good news about India and Indians. Amazing and thought provoking.

Naturally, they dont have an army of journalists writing reams of stories every day. So news is hard to come by, but when it comes, its worth every second you spend reading it. When there is will, there is certainly so many ways!

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