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Never before…

Things I never did or used before my “Coming to America”. Not that these things are not possible or available in India, it is squarely because of my economic status and non-cosmopolitan coimbatore lifestyle and of course, in same cases, my attitude!. Positively in no specific order!

Never used a body spray or a perfume. That doesnt mean I used to stink, but hard to believe now, but I used to talcom powder! yep, for under arms as well !
Never flew in a plane
Never used a automatic revolving/sliding door
Never used a vending machine
Never drove a car ( except for the short fake stint to get a international driving license which of no use absolutely, contrary to what people back home say )
Never used an automatic flushing toilet
Never used a paper towel
Never had to ask ‘Water with no ice please’ in a restaurant
Never had a cusine other than chinese-Indian
Never had to tuck in my shirts
Never cared to match my shrits with trousers ( call it pants! )
Never knew how to do a tie ( and still don’t ! )
Never ever imagined I would wear a suit
Never used a blue swimming pool or green tennis court
Never saw white flakes or snow
Never skated, skied, ride in a boat
Never heard of the word ‘tornadoe’
Never saw a building taller than 14 floors

As I think about it, there is so many small and silly things I didnt know before. Thanks to the oppurtunities I had here, I know so many small things. Life (&) style in India has changed so much in such short time, anyone living in Metro cities could laugh at me.

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