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Kalam inspired Documentary to motivate children

I have never been as much delighted to see someone as president as when I knew Dr.Abdul Kalam will be the next president of India. Perhaps only now I have “grown” enough to appreciate an individual as President of India. It could be that I was happy to see a non-hindu president, an ultimate answer to doubts about India’s secularism. And to see a multi-talented president from Tamilnadu is even a unexplainable honour than pleasure. In all, for the first time, I was proud of our political gamers to have agreed on one thing, at least outwardly. I am certain in his hands the country has nowhere but upwards to grow.

His integrity in unquestionable. Besides, he reflects the voices and ambitions of the children, especially those deprived of basic needs, better than any other popular leader of present and past. To read his ‘Wings of Fire’ was like listening him talk graciously infront of us. Though some debate if it was more of a luck than his skills, the excellence he garnered in career and the international recognition he brought to Indian Space Industry is etched with diamonds in the Indian history.

Learning from Kalam

A documentary with Kalam’s story as background to motivate children from staying in schools(without dropping out for jobs) emphasizes the need for strong primary education and uses kalams much-written struggles during those ages. To know that writer-director P Dhanapal of Coimbatore has taken it on his shoulders to do this service is laudable. He is also getting support from Asha for Education, as they both worked together in making this a successful short film. Not just poor young children but everyone citizen will be highly inspired.

PSG College of Technology one of the premeire institutions in the country, (proud to say I studied BSc Applied Science there!) created a innovation think-tank in 1984, named STEP(Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park), under the auspices of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB). Minveli, a product of STEP, is a multimedia software company, primarily focusing on tamil media. P Dhanapal is CEO of ‘Minveli’.

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