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if you ever run out of things to read!

Loads of articles on diverse topics fills IndiaNest.com. So many people want to write and just want to be read. I wish we have more than 24 hours a day to read of all this. Sometimes the artciles are just too long and boring though they are well written literature. I recently read this article about Indian Classical Music. Its undeniably an ocean and no one can write about its entirety in a few pages, but this was good attempt to introduce it to a westerner.

Finally, India pulled off a thriller to win against Srilanka today. This happens every single time, right when everyone is ready to write the team off, they win, emphatically to go up again only to lose a important match. But then there are so many Gods, even if we hate to admit it, the truth is at last the Gods save the team more often than Sachin or Shewag. Atleast, thats the easiest rationale for some of our spectacular wins and horrific losses!

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