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SongFight debut

Songfight.org is an online community where amateur musicians compose songs every week for some titles given on the site. Each week vistors vote for the best song, making a winner. Its only for fun and nobody makes or gets anything out of it. A friend of mine from bearingpoint, Roy is a small time music composer making his own songs from home. He and I have been discussing about doing something together, as I had interests in singing too, although I am no more than beginner. I had my debut this week with a small piece on the song titled ‘Hey Ruth’…composed by Roy. Check out the song with label “Roymond feat. Sudharshan” at the bottom of the list on the blue tab under the ‘Hey Ruth’ title.


Listen to all the other songs and if you think Roy’s is good, vote for it. And vote just once, Its only for fun and encouragement.

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