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On Road, Long Weekend

yeah, we spent about 19 hours in all on road during this weekend. Its not surprising as memorial day weekend being the most travelled one. Though we spent just a day at Ganesh’s place, we had a very good time. We have known each other since school days so there was always something to talk about and laugh at. Ganesh’s baby, Sruthi, is very tiny and sweet. check out his blog at http://vplganesh.blogspot.com

On saturday night, we played Risk, a interesting war (board) game. We enjoyed it totally, with all of us joining hands to root out Ganesh and the huge army had had built out. It was real entertaining and engaging that Susi wanted to buy that game immediately.

Driving back yesterday we were accompanied all the way by God Varuna.(Rain and Thunder Storm). Another 7-5 drive passing by a few crashes.

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