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Innovation Tools

One of the greatest virtues of American Society is Innovation. The wheel of innovation has grown so humungous and furious that I dont think it can be controlled anymore. The developments in stem cell research is an example, its virtually impossible to stop from moving into the next level : Human Clones.

What is critical is the basic resources like money, knowledge library, technical know-how, technolgy labs, encouragement from parents & teachers, peer support and oppurtunities for growth are all more easily available than in the east.

Such factors are slowly emerging in India. Even more critical is to impart creative thinking, innovation and risk taking at the young ages, when fear of failure is least. The internet has only made this transformation for India much easier and more possible. Websites like this Innovation, creativity and brainstorming resources from InnovationTools are not open and freely available to everyone around the world. Creative entusiasts like Charles Cave and Creativity Web are collecting simple stuff that will be of immense help to people across the globe, where access to free information is still not close enough to reach the masses.

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