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I used to hate Saif Ali Khan so much. That ended with Dil Chahtha Hai. His +ses : Sense of humour and the body language on comic scenes; the way he delivers the dialogues; perhaps everyone’s favourite so far, his blushing. I liked him in Kal Ho Na Ho too. He was so funny with that damn-everything-and-everybody attitude. Saif’s role in Hum-Tum is not so much different from KHNH. Again he tries to run away from his hearthrob but falling in more love the farther he runs! The Mars-Venus conflicts only adds to it another dimension of fun and love. I love the scenes when he begs everyone to believe his Tom Cruise ‘looks’ haircut. Its a movie you would love watch with your wife or girl friend. However, It is not a $8 or Rs.150 (theater) movie for sure, but definitely worth a Video movie if not a DVD.

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