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Good news from SongFight.org

Truly an encouraging news. We came short of just one vote to winning this fun effort.

Hey Ruth Results

Congrats! Roy.

Funny, becoz the two pieces of mine that roy had used were recorded by me years go with my windows sound recorder. I was just doing it for just the sake of it. I am sure I could so better than that. And months ago, I showed this to roy and he had incidentally used them in his last weeks piece.

The two pieces were totally unrelated to each other and also to the title ‘Hey Ruth’, but roy had no clue whatsoever. I guess he just wanted to try something. He also changed the tempo to fit his first part. Ganesh, my friend called me to say he listened to it and that the second piece of mine was ‘sakikkalai’ (SUCKS!). Well, it was just for fun. Two random pieces could make a good single! we have promised each other to work on a real project soon. I am looking forward to it.

Since most of the listeners for songfight were hardcore american indie musicians, they liked this one just for it being unorthodox, wierd and different. It was thrilling to read some reviews. At the end of it, what kind of emotions does a music create in you? Thats all is important.

My next wish is to hook up roy with Srikanth to produce a cross-over.

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