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Fahrenheit 9/11

Almost a year ago, during a lunch break from work, Roy and I were walking across 3rd ave to a musical shop. As we passed by a book store, I noticed a bunch of people standing in line trying to get into the store. I also soon realized they were all holding a book, of the same color cover and design, so I guessed they must be all in line to buy the same book? How Stupid? In line holding the book to buy the same book? I asked Roy and he blimped saying he had no idea. We stepped across the street to ask a guy in the line and he said they were waiting to get the book signed by Micheal Moore. The book was Dude, Where’s my Country?. Huh, just another author signing his overrate books, I thought. We were almost past 4 or 5 more blocks from the bookstore and the lines was still going with us!

Months later, I came across him, under a movie tag this time : Bowling for Columbine. A movie that opened and kindled a lot of debate on gun control, usage and why it has gotten so worse in America. Later that year, when receiving the oscar for the same movie in independent movie category, Moore made raving nasty comments about Bush and his war on Iraq, comments on stage infront of the world wide telecast. It was pretty embarassing to even watch, imagine how worse could have been to bush and his proponents and the academy. I said to myself…”Man! This guy is making a lot of noise and brave too!”.

And now he comes again. Continuing from where he left us on that gala oscar night, Fahrenheit 9/11 is his latest documentary movie that is making everyone in washington puke. His tag line for the movie is “Controversy? What Controversy?” I guess he is saying, he knows all the truth, nothing but the truth is in the movie. The movie is already verbally banned by Bush administration, while some distribution agencies like Disney denied to carry them in theaters. But moore presisted and is coming back with a vengence that might as well cost another term for Bush. The movie is finally making it into the mainstream theaters on June 25th and is certain to create havoc for this ruling goverment.
Will write more if I get a chance to see it and afterwards have the guts to talk about it.

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