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From Yuva to Coney Island

Undeterred by the not-so-good review on rediff about yuva, we honoured our promise and saw the movie this past weekend.

Hate to admit it, the guy at Rediff was indeed right! Mani could have done better, the “other” good aspects of the movies like cinematography, stunts and star cast are becoming all too common these days, especially in recent high-profile hindi movies. But the essence of mani’s movies: an odd story line and a gripping story-telling style(screenplay) was lacking; the stuff that was present in movies like kannathil muthamittal or alai payuthey. Anyhow, we wanted to see it, we did. we could have fared better with a dvd rental from patel brothers!

That was friday night. The next worthy event of the weekend was visting coney island yesterday. Its the south tip of the brooklyn coast overlooking the atlantic. Before we spent an hour on the ocean front board walk, we toured the aquarium, with the honour of being the only couple visting without kids!
Some species like the transparent stingers and dwarf sea horses were totally breathtaking.

While driving back, Harini and I had a conversation on if it would have been cheaper if we had taken the train to the coney island. Hmm..yeah, i know what you are thinking, Was that question really necessary, especially after the fact that we have already taken the car? ok, I agree, it was a stupid topic, but towards the end she casually uttered something very interesting…’There is nothing as plain cheap in US, you only have cheaply overpriced or expensively overpriced’!’. That from somebody new to US is understandable isnt it?

Read a good article about Manmohan Singh written by his college pal from cambridge, who is a renowned economist today at Columbia University in NY. If you didnt know, Columbia is one of the top 3 business schools in the world.

Manmohan with P.Chidambaram, sure reasons for hope of a financially bright India.

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