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Finished my first phase of admissions

I had to force myself into writing this note, as its after a bit too long a gap, my mind just doesnt seem to long for it. Priorities have changed a bit, just submitted my application for NYU, feeling much better to wrap the last two weeks of work on essays and recommendations. Hope it all turns out for the better, just one more piece of the puzzle to fix.

Lot of things have happened back in India. Running a democratic voting for a billion people is by far a humungous task, even Americans would dare to take up. Sonia seem to have hit the jackpot that she has been aiming for so long. Though I have nothing against her as a person, I had to concur with Ms.Jayalalitha, when she claimed ‘Dont we have one Indian in this billion who can run the country?’ makes sense right? She might be a Indian for all practical purposes today, but the world has not gotten so much open minded yet to allow this happen with ease. Neverthless, looks like she is the crown queen, as both priyanka and rahul seem not interested for the big post, even if rest of us feel otherwise.

The attrocious act of some soldiers in iraq prison is just unacceptable. True, every one makes mistakes and Americans and their soldiers are no exceptions. After all, they are humans and could not bear it when fellow soldiers and aid workers are burnt alive and hung in the middle of streets by iraqis. But when American is playing a unrequested, unwanted and largely unsupported internation police job, it got to know how to behave. It cant be helped…a few soldiers spoiled the entire troops reputation. Period. It can only be forgotten, will never be excused.

After going back and forth between moving to south carolina and staying back in New jersey, we finally retained the previlage of staying back to live in this famous new jersey. We were happy for just one reason that we wont miss new york city. Destiny calling me to NYU perhaps.

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