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Service Oriented Architecture

I have been keeping my weblogs personal so far, but thought I should start writing random thoughts on technology as well, so a new category from today!
even if i dont write anything worth, I atleast intend to collect useful links here.

If you work in IT, I bet you must have heard of this, unless you work at the root level, churning out code based on no design. This is the “happening” thing in enterprise software development. Every major corporate’s IT department has either a person or perhaps an entire team of people work on SOA initiatives.

There are tons of material available online on SOA and I dont intend to write another one here ( not that I know a lot about it! ) …I found these interesting blogs from the architects at Microsoft discussing their SOA thoughts…



A indian guy – http://blogs.msdn.com/ramkoth/

if you wanted a brief intro http://searchwebservices.techtarget.com/tip/1,289483,sid26_gci899457,00.html

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