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Impressive run in the last two months

Yes, I have completed ( in full ) atleast three books in the past two months : Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Management Challenges for the 21st Century by Peter F Drucker and the once famous, Business @ the speed of thought by Bill Gates. Its pretty amazing considering I had read no book in full in past few years(But I sincerely and regularly buy more every year and read few chapters!). But as much as I say its a big deal, it was equally easy…why? For I didnt read them, I listened to them. All of them were audio books, that I smartly grabbed from the local library and listened during my 40 minutes each way commute to work. It doesnt matter, I am very glad I did and encouraged to listen to as much as I can. The one consequence was I missed listening to NPR, a great company on the air, when I am left in the traffic.

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