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Creativity & Education in India

Shortly after I moved to US from India, I was deeply struck by the importance given to creativity and innovation, especially in schools and universities. I soon realized how much I have missed and lacked. Cultivating creativity, promoting innovation, and encouraging risk-taking, especially among children and youth, has been totally lacking in India. It is one of the major factors in India�s inability to be a �leader� in any field (except perhaps spirituality) and has left her so far to be a �follower�(or �copycat� in brutal terms). This issue will be one of the focal points of my future. I would like to create a media production firm, specializing in products and services, that encourage creativity, innovation. This might seem like a simple idea, unappealing to many in US, but having spent the better part of my life in India, I know that anything outside of Science-Math-English is largely neglected concept both by students as well as parents, teachers and the society as a whole. Also this initiative is not something new, there is already lot of developments happening in these areas through media and entertainment services. But the problem can only be solved bottom up, to build a future society blended with creativity and innovation. And thats a long way to go, before we reep the fruits.

This is excert from an essay I had written for my NYU MBA app.

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