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The Portside Towers

We live in a high raised (25 floors) building, Portside Towers, right on the south-west shores of the hudson river, overlooking the magnificient Manahattan Skyline. Our 9th floor apartment has gorgeous view of ‘Statue of Liberty’. If I try to measure the distance from our building to the statue, it would be less than 600 yards. The buillding is located on a corner with water on two sides. One of the sides also borders a huge parking lot for private yachts. Its a great view from our bedroom. In front of our building lies the Liberty State Park, a lush open greenery serving the joggers and kids. The view of downtown Manhattan, right on the edge of the park, is breathtaking. On a sunny morning, it feels like as if those buildings have come out rising from the water beneath. The wind is always little harsh around this place; we feel its true roar only when we try to open the windows a bit to let some fresh air.

Sudhar Harini Photos :: Our Home

Every day as I drive back home, I turn into warren street, greeted by the huge liberty statue, surprisingly huge and visibly close, right in the center of the street view ahead, between the buildings on either side of the street. As I drive closer to the water front leaving the other buildings behind, to my astonishment, the statue gets smaller and feels farther than I thought. It makes me wonder as to what kind of visual treat that would be.

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