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New HandyCam

Its been a while since I have bothered to write a daily note. Harini had a mini shopping spree today at Newport mall, roaming around by herself, poor soul, was terribly bored at home. She decided to buy me a couple of books, though they are not something i would be able to read and keep it aside in a day or two. she has got a Crack the GMAT! and the message is clear.

Our new handycam also arrived incidentally today. I came home to look at harini’s books and the cam. I decided to spend the rest of the evening, as you anyone could guess, with canon z70 cam. Its pretty cool and literally handy fitting into my palm and very slick, except that the still image resolutions are only upto 1024/768 and the still pictures arent very good. I thought I could live with not having to buy a separate digital camera, not sure if thats true.

Life otherwise has been pretty good since my last note. Good Night

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