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Mind Fully Empty

Yeah, It feels like my mind is empty when I sit and try to write a note. If I look away from the screen and gaze at the window and see the beautiful Liberty Harbour, a string of thoughts comes that says, lets write about the book iam reading now; lets describe my life after marriage; write about our life in USA; our vacation in new mexico; how it feels to live in new york city and the list continues…and I take a big breathe and stare back at the screen, the cursor eagerly waiting in the title box, waiting for me to type a title and i feel like everything is empty!

It was rightly named as ‘Writers Block’. I was happy when I read somewhere that even the greatest of writers encountered it often. That said, I also read that there should be nothing called a writer’s block for someone like me. Did I sit down to write the ‘Greatest novel ever written’…Damn no, Its just a daily note that means nothing to even myself, lest anyone else. So I guess, the fear that what i write isnt worth anything is a meaningless argument. Natalie Goldberg, in her book ‘Writing down the bones’ rightly said, If we try to filter our thoughts as right and wrong, we will be dead soon. Its just that we express it out only those things that we think may be right and just submit everything else. It is just impossible to only have good thoughts. It can only emerge for a cluster of good and bad and everything inbetween. It is the same for a good writing, it can only emerge from a pile of forbidden scribbles of every kind: good, bad, well-written, absurd, ridiculous, meaningless, thoughtful etc. Hence I am scribbling now, with a justification.

OK, enough of by blabber. Our weekend so far has been in-house. We didnt step outside the 700 Sq.fT land space even for a second. Harini with little fun, tied karadayan nombu kayaru last night. I was talking to appa yesterday and he was seriously asking me a question. He goes, ‘So, are you all celeberating karadayan nombu tomorrow?’ I thought, ‘What celeberate? Karadayan Nombu? here?…I exclaimed ‘Amam pa, we have a rally tomorrow in Times Square!’…Harin standing next to me bursted out laughing. Poor appa, didnt get me it so we evaded into something else. Harini also made delicious salted kozhukattai and sweet one too. I liked the salted one better so hijacked a few of them!

Oops! she is just reminding me that I promised to cook today! Its already little late for lunch…bye.

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