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Attended the new hire Orientation at the Bridgewater Crescent Building. They made a good decision to shorten the whole orientation to two and half hours. They squeezed all the topics to a slide or two, especially the MetLife history was just a slide, easily could have bored us with 15 slides of history, that not many would have cared much. We got a good idea of the company and its products and services. They spent a fair amount of time and employee benefits and services, one of the good things being pay back for your fitness workouts etc.

The rest of the day went by going over some readings. We have a dinner outing with my Bearingpoint folks. Harini and I are going. She seems to be sick today, though she is saying she will be alright. Its going to be late before we get back from the city. Another short night of sleep ahead I guess.

I have been wanting to write about a lot of things on this website, but just cant get my hands/time around it. This past weekend went by without writing anything. I dont think Iam doing justice to reading Natalie Goldberg, who insists that we should write any crap, atleast for a few minutes(30 mts recom) a day. I stole a few minutes from my work today, before I leave home, to drop this note. I am looking forward to some good times ahead.

I am not sure if my writing itself has improved since I have started this log, which was one of my primary goals, besides maintaining a diary that i could go back to read in future. Good start atleast.

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