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I am really tired

I am really tired today. I have become busy these days at work, as I am getting my hands wet with a lot of teams and projects. Its good to start on a bunch of them and hopefully it should consolidate into a handful of projects.

Every work day includes a full 45 minute commute from home. This is probably another reason I am feeling tired. Just sitting infront of the wheel and staring on the highway isnt easy, though I have started listening to audio books and impressively completed a very good book ‘Management Challenges for the 21st Century’ by Peter F Drucker. The drive back home is even worse as it gets dark early around this time of the year, around 5PM and the yellow glaring head lights from a bumper to bumper traffic from the other side of the highway, causing trouble to my, already astigmatic eyes!

Days run so fast and nights even faster. We made a wonderful trip to detroit. We had nice time with friends and relatives, though we wish we had spent more with some of them. Personally, I felt a sense of home-coming. I have spent 3 years going back to detroit on friday nights. For most part of those years, I have been flying back from newark, the very same airport we flew in this time. At times, I still feel that I am on travel and that I am living here for a short time only to get back to detroit for the next weekend.

I have started running regularly from this week. This puts me into a very tight schedule after i return from work and pretty much is the reason for my inability to post a note on my weblog. To top this one, work has been little hectic this week. I am feeling much better I could find a little bit of time, though terribly tired than usual, to write down some of my thoughts.

Sometimes I have a feeling that I write as I would speak it or say it. Is it very spoken english, that i write?

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