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Harini’s Birthday

Its harini’s Birthday today. She is really excited since we are celeberating her first, together. I gave her a sweet surprise with a Diamond Ring. It was beautiful, the moment I saw in the store I thought she would definitely like it. She was indeed very happy with it. She also deserved it since I have been telling her that I should get a diamond ring as a complement for her great cooking. She does a great job making the house too. I think its a fitting match. Besides, she is madly in love with rings and would take one for her toes too, after she runs out on her hands.

We had a very small party last night, with just two of us. A candle with numbers 24 lighted the midnight darkness. The white cake with red words that said ‘Harini’ tasted very good. I couldnt do a good job with icing, as I had left the icing tube in the refridgerator by mistake, with the cake. I had taken a few pictures of this sweet night, will be published to gallery later this week. I completed the ceremony with my gift pack and a very senti card from Hallmark.

She has been busy since morning with calls from all over the place, including calls from india. Its nice to see a few people calling up and wishing her, especially those you didnt expect. A bunch of email greetings added more excitement for the day.

We had planned to get into the city and go around a bit. The weather looks great from inside, though I hear its very cold on the radio. We might visit a few places and come back for a good dinner.

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