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Hello World! Yes, I had

Hello World! Yes, I had to use this proverbial getting out of the nest words…you might have thought i had forgotten this blog…yes, you are right…I thought so too!…ok enough of my beating around…sorry anyone who cares, I havent been updating this for what…almost 6 months now. 6 months…amazing how time passes by and more so in my case feels like it passed by like sonic jet and so many things have happened…the best of all, I have found my life partner Ms.Harini Rajagopal. I just want to sum it up in one short sentence, she is very sweet. I made a short visit to india in june, got engaged on June 4th, spent a day with harini hanging around in chennai. It was unforgettable. I have moved out of pfizer into ASCAP and then, unfortunately, moved back into Pfizer. Things havent been going on well at pfizer, owing to lots of reasons, least of which is poor project execution ( imagine what other reasons! ). Thanks to luck and some good team work, things have going fine for past two months and the project is getting revived and we see some light at the end of tunnel. I am expected to go back to ASCAP after we are done here. Continuing long term at Bearingpoint is looking gloomy. The guys who run the company are trying to figure out what the company is supposed to be doing as opposed to what it is doing and what it has been doing! I have started to float my ears and eyes around for something better. I told myself a few years back that I would never move to new jersey to live here. I didnt know, such strong statements are not always made to become true! I spent a day today searching for houses in bridgewater, new jersey. Cost of living in NJ is just unimaginable. I am getting bored now, lets hope I come back soon to post some more updates. c ya

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