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Yet another gap…While I hate

Yet another gap…While I hate to be a lazy one not updating this often…I couldnt help it! Iam now in DC, working out of my companys Global HQ, its fantastic! I visited Priya and Chellappa yesterday and stayed at their place last night. Its good to see them after my last visit here about 5 months back. I might be seeing Devi, Jaga & fmly today here before I leave back to NJ today or tomorrow. PPP ( Pen Parkum Padalam ) is keeping up on some days! Its a tough one to decide. Hoping for the best! It is embarassing to say that you dont like a girl, which some consider as an insult. After, its your instincts which has to tell me that this is it! The proejct work at pfizer is going great. Having started here earlier than everyone else ( Luckily ) is giving a slight advantage over others in understanding the system and playing a key role on the proejct. There is tons of documentation to be read and to be produced back to them. Being a project for the regulatory group, FDA compliance standards are to be met and its been interesting so far. As the team is slowly assembled, Iam having great time meeting new people and getting to know them. Its going to be fun time for next few months. Narayanan mama is having his 60th birthday celeberations in detroit the week after next. Iam not sure If i can make it, especially when my BEA trainings are scheduled for that week. I will try my best, as such family occasions are rare here in US. See you next time!

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