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Damn, its again almost a

Damn, its again almost a week since I updated this one. Continuing from where I left it… Friday, 11/1/2002 I visited Devi and family in virginia and also met jaga there. I spent the rest of the night there. Next day, It was unusual, because they decided to have me cook their food! While I was not sure how it will end up, I knew I would do a decent job of cooking a few items. I managed to give them a small feast and It was a wonderful lunch. I left to NewJersy that afternoon and reached on time for the reception party of Ashish Johari at Ragini restaurant. Had some good time there for a few hours. Met some of his friends and it was already 1AM when I reached my hotel back in liberty corner. The rest of week has passed by without much of excitement. Work is keeping me busy most of the day as Iam exploring lot of new stuff here. Iam going back to detroit today after 2 weeks. Its going to be a great weekend. Besides, I will be staying back for narayanan mama’s 60th b’day celeberations on tuesday in detoirt and will be back in jersy on wednesday. C U

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